An "Ambassador Card Benefits Search" form is provided on every page. It enables you to quickly narrow down the hundreds of available benefits to those you are most interested in.

  • the region from the list where you will be using your card.
  • the category of the benefit you are interested in.
    You can choose "All" but you may end up with very long list.

You can leave the keyword blank and just click the submit button, or you can add a keyword to narrow the list further.

Keyword & Postcode:

A keyword can be part of a word, a whole word or a sequence of words. It can be:

  • a postcode
  • a suburb
  • a business name
  • a word or sequence of words matching the benefit. eg: cinema

A keyword must match one of those items in its entirety. So   restaurant 2000   would find a business called "Chinese Restaurant 2000" if one existed but not restaurants in postcode 2000.


You will recieve back the first page of matching benefits, if there are more you will see a "next" link at the end.


You can print a page using your browser and it will automatically hide uneeded page components like menus. If your search returns many pages and you want to print them all, use the "show all" link. This will give you all results in one long list minus any pictures. This creates a much more compact list for you to take away.